Church Music Conferences (2)

During the summer of this post-pandemic season, there will be numerous music/worship conference and training opportunities that you may participate via online platforms. There are some conducted in either English or Chinese, and some bilingual. Grasp the opportunity to enjoy equipping without physically travel to the venues. God bless.



International Church Choir Festival


(International Christian Choral Conductor Society)

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Church Music and Theology-The function of  imago Dei

教會音樂與神學- 人按神形象而造的功能

Music: communication/worship function

音樂: 溝通/敬拜的功能

The origin and development of hymns


Sacred Music Interview Music and Worship

聖樂訪談 音樂與崇拜


第十一屆 世華聖樂領袖密集課程

The 11th WACCM Church Music Leadership Training Conference


(Main Organiser: The World Association For Chinese Church Music)

9–11 July, 2021 (early bird 早鳥 Jun 30)

(bi-lingual 雙語)

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聖詩:平信徒的系統神學 Hymn: The Systematic Theology for Laity
陳淑芬博士 Dr. Viola Chen

聖詩神學的實踐 The Practical Aspect of Hymn Theology
陳淑芬博士 Dr. Viola Chen

網絡敬拜,永活真神 Virtual Worship, Real God
李福昌傳道 Pastor Jimmy Setiawan