2022 Church Music Week

2022 Church Music Week

917 September 17


MBCLA Main Campus Sanctuary

Whether you serve in the choir or not, you are welcome to enjoy and learn with us

Please contact the choir leader of your language group, register and reserve your lunch

   English Choir Dora Ho 何德儀

   Cantonese Choir Anthony Wan 溫淬鳴

   Mandarin AM Johnson Tsui 崔大中

   Mandarin PM Dai Yau 邱李黛

   Mandarin Evening Linda Wang 宋翠玲

   Glendora Mission Daniel Yang 楊敏

   SEAM Melvin Asuncion

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Worship Symposium – Calvin Institute of Christian Worship

Calvin Institute of Christian Worship


I would like to recommend the annual Calvin Worship Symposium to you this year again. The conference covers many in-depth sessions and discussions regarding inter-denominational worship theology and practice of the States as well as other parts of the world.

The good news is, due to the pandemic, the (online) conference registration is free and open to the public. Seize the opportunity to be equipped as a better worship student and a worshipper.

January 31 – February 4, 2022



Visit their website :  worship.calvin.edu

Online registration : worship.calvin.edu/symposium/register.html


12/24 Christmas Eve Service — Sing-Along to His Coming


Christmas Eve Service — Sing-Along to His Coming

We will celebrate Christ’s birth on December 24, 7:30PM at MBCLA sanctuary.

This time, everyone will be a participant rather than the audience. After the long pandemic, we all long for singing praises to our Lord together. You are invited to learn all the songs in advance in order to sing-along melodies or parts of Händel’s Messiah excerpts and many familiar carols.


練習時間Rehearsal Schedule


Congregational Practice

12/5 (日Sun)

12/12 (日Sun)

12/18 (六Sat)

12/19 (日Sun)





正堂大堂MC Sanctuary

樂譜/音檔下載 Music & Practice Tracks Download

「有一嬰孩」For Unto Us a Child Is Born


樂譜下載 Music Score Download

(English only)

女高Soprano https://youtu.be/YuuGd3YL1Nw
女低 Alto https://youtu.be/Y9niXCM681g
男高 Tenor https://youtu.be/nAknMOM2V9U
男低 Bass https://youtu.be/WVxN4Xts_UY

「哈利路亞合唱」Hallelujah Chorus


樂譜下載 Music Score Download

(English Only)

女高Soprano https://youtu.be/4lr0TD1jhxA
女低 Alto https://youtu.be/OgOeehMCfys
男高 Tenor https://youtu.be/0-zsntqOZ98
男低 Bass https://youtu.be/ETu0pgjZDaU

如想索取慢版音檔,請電郵楊傳道 ianyeungmbcla@gmail.com

Please e-mail Minister Ian Yeung ianyeungmbcla@gmail.com for slower versions

其他聖誕詩歌 Other Christmas Carols

樂譜下載 (中文) Music Score Download (English)




2021 Church Music Week

2021 Church Music Week

918 September 18


MBCLA Main Campus

Whether you serve in the choir or not, you are welcome to enjoy and learn with us

Please contact the choir leader of your language group, register and reserve your lunch

   English Choir Dora Ho 何德儀

   Cantonese Choir Anthony Wan 溫淬鳴

   Mandarin AM Eileen Hu 胡幸幸

   Mandarin PM Felix Gan 顏二忠

   Mandarin Evening Linda Wang 宋翠玲

   Glendora Mission Daniel Yang 楊敏

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Church Music Conferences (2)

During the summer of this post-pandemic season, there will be numerous music/worship conference and training opportunities that you may participate via online platforms. There are some conducted in either English or Chinese, and some bilingual. Grasp the opportunity to enjoy equipping without physically travel to the venues. God bless.



International Church Choir Festival


(International Christian Choral Conductor Society)

Click here for Festival Recap 點擊這裡回顧節目


Church Music and Theology-The function of  imago Dei

教會音樂與神學- 人按神形象而造的功能

Music: communication/worship function

音樂: 溝通/敬拜的功能

The origin and development of hymns


Sacred Music Interview Music and Worship

聖樂訪談 音樂與崇拜


第十一屆 世華聖樂領袖密集課程

The 11th WACCM Church Music Leadership Training Conference


(Main Organiser: The World Association For Chinese Church Music)

9–11 July, 2021 (early bird 早鳥 Jun 30)

(bi-lingual 雙語)

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聖詩:平信徒的系統神學 Hymn: The Systematic Theology for Laity
陳淑芬博士 Dr. Viola Chen

聖詩神學的實踐 The Practical Aspect of Hymn Theology
陳淑芬博士 Dr. Viola Chen

網絡敬拜,永活真神 Virtual Worship, Real God
李福昌傳道 Pastor Jimmy Setiawan

Church Music Conferences

From time to time, we will post some prominent church music conferences, conventions, symposia, and colloquia for you to enrich and equip your Christian musical journey. Take advantage of these conferences without spending extra on flight, room and board. The icon or “More Details Here” will bring you to the actual site for more details and registration. ENJOY!

ALLELUIA Church Music Conference

Baylor University, Center for Christian Music Studies

July 20-22, 2021 (Online)

A nationally acclaimed church music conference with renowned speakers and clinicians. There are many areas of interest that you may choose from, such as worship, children’s music, conducting, global music, handbell, organ, technology, etc.



SINGPOSIUM: Virtual Church Music Zoom Conference

Joseph Martin Creative Services

June 26, 2021 (Online)

Internationally Renowned Christian music composer Joseph Martin, along with Heather Sorenson, Michael Trotta, and Joshua Chai who will lead a session on warm-ups and vocal health.



Music-Worship Webpage Inauguration


From the lock-down and to re-open, from indoor to outdoor, from fear to relief, we have experienced a “roller-coaster” turbulence during the past 15 months. As a Christian and a music minister, I have heard two recurring longings: (1) we long to meet God’s people; (2) we long to sing together. God made us learn a very important spiritual lesson that  “not neglecting to meet together” (Hebrews 10:25) and “singing and making melody to the Lord with your heart” (Ephesians 5:19)  are not something merely being “asked” to do, but they are part of our Christ’s nature to meet and sing together.

Praise the Lord, MBCLA Music Ministry Team has been working hard to build and launch this new online platform to serve both our own brothers and sisters and friends beyond our church family. This website provides information about our music ministries and activities. More importantly, it introduces useful blog articles, publications, and other online resources on Christian music and worship for us to learn and be equipped to serve/worship (“λατρεία”) our Lord. The church is a place to shape both our minds and hearts, and we pray that this website will serve to disciple our intellect as well as affection.

You will find from our website:
      • Home: Blog and Vlog posts of Music/Worship discussions
      • Who We Are: Information of our ministries and their contact person
      • Online Resources: Continuous updates of resources, conferences, materials on Music/Worship by different institutions. Also, a rotation of bibliographic recommendations.
      • Archive: A presentation of our efforts in Music Ministry
      • Children’s Choir: Baptist Voice Children’s Choir – updates and how to join