Music-Worship Webpage Inauguration


From the lock-down and to re-open, from indoor to outdoor, from fear to relief, we have experienced a “roller-coaster” turbulence during the past 15 months. As a Christian and a music minister, I have heard two recurring longings: (1) we long to meet God’s people; (2) we long to sing together. God made us learn a very important spiritual lesson that  “not neglecting to meet together” (Hebrews 10:25) and “singing and making melody to the Lord with your heart” (Ephesians 5:19)  are not something merely being “asked” to do, but they are part of our Christ’s nature to meet and sing together.

Praise the Lord, MBCLA Music Ministry Team has been working hard to build and launch this new online platform to serve both our own brothers and sisters and friends beyond our church family. This website provides information about our music ministries and activities. More importantly, it introduces useful blog articles, publications, and other online resources on Christian music and worship for us to learn and be equipped to serve/worship (“λατρεία”) our Lord. The church is a place to shape both our minds and hearts, and we pray that this website will serve to disciple our intellect as well as affection.

You will find from our website:
      • Home: Blog and Vlog posts of Music/Worship discussions
      • Who We Are: Information of our ministries and their contact person
      • Online Resources: Continuous updates of resources, conferences, materials on Music/Worship by different institutions. Also, a rotation of bibliographic recommendations.
      • Archive: A presentation of our efforts in Music Ministry
      • Children’s Choir: Baptist Voice Children’s Choir – updates and how to join